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i hate knowing that it wont be fun this year. i hate holding back the tears knowing you’re leaving for college soon and ill be stuck 8 hours away without you. without my one and only. without someone willing to stop everything and come over just to give me a hug on a bad day. im scared of losing you. and im scared our love will drift.  im going to miss being able to cuddle to sleep with you and the hugs and kisses we always share. im going to miss you more than your eyes will see. baby please don’t forget me.


Animal Crossing Item Shop

What does the shop sell/have?
Regular, event, rare items and GracieGracie items such as Spooky series, Christmas series, Egg series, balloons, clothing, music boxes, etc

Who’s shop is this?
This shop belongs to my best friend, Ariana. Helping her advertise her shop here in Tumblr. (:

How much?
She is selling these items for a little bit over the regular price, due to all the trouble to get it all.

What is her friendcode?
I am only giving the friendcode to TRUSTWORTHY people. By that I mean, you must fill in a ask to be able to come to her town and obtain these items.
And the ask is this,
3ds Name:
Town name:
Stating you won’t steal, hack, or ANYTHING
(Be patient! We’ll try to add you ASAP)

If you guys have any other questions, go ahead and ask.

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